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Ways To Exploit Arts Effect On Society

September 3, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Art

There are no clear answers to the question of whether audiences change their minds about such issues as war, spirituality or nature when they are exposed to artistic works. Experts have debated this issue for many years. Certainly creative folks hope that others will be moved by their paintings, dances, films or television shows. But it is very difficult to quantify arts effect on society.

There is agreement, however, that there are potential riches on offer for those who know how to exploit ongoing trends in popular artistic endeavors. It takes a lot of research to be able to do this with success. It also requires an ability to predict with accuracy the kinds of products that are going to appeal to consumers.

This is probably seen more often in the realm of fashion than anywhere else. Think of the top films and TV projects that millions of people watch faithfully all over the world. Now, compare what you have seen on the screen to what is displayed on the catwalk by the trend-setting designers, and you’ll see many common factors.

While the original designs are probably far beyond the budget of most folks, copies of these fashion show hits are quickly produced and are then advertised widely to generate profits. The classical look of flowing gowns and high-buttoned necklines may become prominent when television programs about the aristocracy have grabbed the highest ratings. However, you can expect a proliferation of starker forward-looking designs following the release of a new science fiction film.

The effects can also be seen at the cosmetics counter. Quite often, the changes in women’s make-up styles depend on the look being sported by pop culture heroines. When the star of a top movie has a natural look, then sales of pale pink lipstick go up and earth tones for the eyes become prominent.

Dance professionals worldwide have also experienced financial benefits as a result of current artistic programming. Their studios are packed with folks who want to learn the exciting moves they have seen performed on ballroom television shows. These students will gladly pay for professional advice on doing the rumba.

Celebrities and other artistic personalities have had an impact when it comes to treatment of addictions and the way addicts are treated by society. They led the way in removing the stigma from admitting one has a problem. As a result, substance abuse is treated as a disease and those who are affected no longer have to carry the burden of feeling shame. In fact, people from all walks of life freely share the fact that they are in recovery, thanks to the corresponding increase in the availability of effective treatment centers.

Arts effect on society does not bring financial gains to everyone. But there are personal benefits just about every time you interact with a piece of art. It’s a pleasure to allow the sounds of classical music to soothe your soul and make you forget your problems for a while. Many people also experience a feeling of gratitude when they view an intriguing sculpture, because it makes them aware of how good it feels to be alive.

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